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I’m new to essential oils. I’ve heard about them for a long time and I’ve used *some* in the past, but once I began using Young Living – y’all, everything has changed. I don’t want to come off as a salesman. If you haven’t dived into the world of essential oils I really think you should give them a try. Of course, I would love if you’d go through me, but I really just want you to try them no matter how you get them. Continue Reading…

Muscadines – move over PSL

September 4, 2014

Muscadines - eucharisteo.com

Y’all can enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Latte all you want but it’s not autumn until the muscadines are out. Continue Reading…

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Photojennica - Selecting a Lens - Eucharisteo.com

In part one I told you about what cameras I recommend. Now we’re heading over to learn about what lenses are best {in my opinion}. First you need to know what your subject is. Are you photographing people? Children? Food? Weddings? This really is too big of a subject for one lil post but I’ll expand on this later. If you’re really just starting out and already spent all your money on your camera then the first thing you need to do is read the manual. Don’t get all focused on lenses. Learn your camera first. Just play around with the kit lens for now.

As you’ll see, the lenses I recommend are costly. But what can I say? Some girls like shoes and clothes and pedicures. I like glass. That’s why you won’t see me in front of the the camera too often ;)

I just spent the evening chasing my toddler around for you guys. I want to show you the difference in lens selection. First up is the 18-55mm kit lens.

Photojennica - Lens Selection - Eucharisteo.com Continue Reading…

Rum Cake – Reiscakes

September 2, 2014

Rum Cake Recipe - Eucharisteo.com

This week Emily shows us how to make a family favorite – Rum Cake!

We typically make this cake for small celebrations, not birthdays. This week we have two daughters who will be celebrating their half birthdays. So this was an easy fix. One cake = 1/2 for one girl + 1/2 for the other. I promise you, once you try this cake you’ll be thinking of all sorts of reasons to make it! Continue Reading…

How to Cube a Watermelon - Eucharisteo.com

My husband and I saw this video going around of this guy cubing a watermelon really stinkin’ fast. Having a large family we thought that would be really convenient but was it really true? There are so many fake videos out there it’s hard to know what’s legitimate. This deserved our attention though. This had the potential to be a real time {and watermelon} saver.¬†We have this horrible habit of buying watermelons when they’re on sale and letting them sit on the kitchen counter until they’re just sketchy enough to be tossed.

I really don’t like the mess of watermelons. All that sticky juice that gets slathered all over the children’s faces…blech. I’m not a neat freak but watermelons are one of my downfalls.

So we tried the cubing method.

We’re sold! No more slices of watermelon for us thankyouverymuch! The kids still get nasty but clean up in the kitchen is much easier!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Go enjoy yourselves some of the last watermelon of the season.